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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Got a Windows Mobile Smartphone? Then let your desktop computer be mobile communication ready!

Efficasoft Mobile Express helps you Manage Text Message & Contacts from desktop PC with ease. Its designed interface and friendly operation will deliver you the best smooth experience, for FREE - so download now and try it out yourself!

Requires Windows 2000, XP, 2003 or later with ActiveSync installed; Fully supports Windows Mobile Smartphone and Pocket PC (2003, 2003 SE, WM5.0, WM6, WM6.1).

Manage Text Message (SMS) Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Send Items, Deleted Items.Send, reply, and forward text messages from desktop PC through your Windows Mobile Smartphone and Pocket PC.NEW! Export text messages to txt file in chat-history style like MSN.Click to enlarge
Text Messages Click to enlarge
New Text Message
Export Text Message Organize (add, edit, delete, find) contacts on the phoneClick to enlarge
Contacts Click to enlarge
Add Contact Synchronized Text Messages automatically - NO NEED to manually 'Refresh'New message arrival tray notificationClick to enlarge
Main Screen and New Message Tray Notification

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Handy Weather for Windows Mobile provides one-click access to always accurate and up-to-date weather forecasts. With the latest weather news at your fingertips, you will know which days you can leave the umbrella at home. Whether it be rain, sleet or snow, Handy Weather for Windows Mobile has you covered. You will wonder how you ever got by without it!New version with lots of useful features is now available. No more complicated menus to scroll through to know the weather. Just install Handy Weather and be prepared for anything Mother Nature has in store!

Extended weather report:

Accurate forecasts are provided by Intellicast, the worlds leading weather forecast provider5-day high/low temperature graph for quick weather checkDetailed daily and morning/day/evening/night forecastsCurrent conditionsHour by hour weather forecast updatesComplete weather details (temperature, wind, pressure, humidity, UV index)

World-wide weather report:

Weather news and forecast for over 40,000 cities world-wideDetailed weather forecasts for your personal city listAdd a city according to your position – search the nearest city by GPS

Global weather maps :

Pan and zoom with real-time weather mapsThe Temperature map presents the selected zone weather chart in shades of blue, yellow and greenThe Pressure map displays pressure space and depression areasSatellite image of various parts of the worldFull-screen mode

Weather from Home screen :

Detailed daily forecasts hour-by-hour or 5-days forecastQuickly update forecasts directly from the Home screen

Additional tools :

Automatic updates at certain intervals (2, 4, 8, 12 or 24 hours) or at a preset time. Separate adjustments for roamingMultilingual interface: Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and SwedishVariety of supported Internet connections: GPRS, Wi-Fi or using Desktop computerOver-the-air programs updatesCustomizable units for temperature, wind speed and pressure

Please note: by purchasing Handy Weather, you purchase 1-year subscription to the service. After that period, you will have to renew it by paying a subscription fee.


To get weather forecast updates you should enable an Internet connection on your device. Note: The traffic generated by Handy Weather application is very low. Only 2.5 KB per city forecast per download.


Handy Weather has a 14 day trial period. Then you will need to register the application. To save you time we?'''''ve provided a new way of purchasing and registering Handy Weather for Windows Mobile/ Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Now you do not need to search the product on the web, you can purchase it directly from your device. To do this, open Handy Weather and go to Menu->Registration->Buy.

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Monday, February 21, 2011


The Best Selling Front-End Replacement for Smartphones!

Access all your phone vital information from your Home screen!

The ultimate front-end interface for Smartphones! With a tab-based design, Facade brings all vital phone and agenda information to one front-end display. Accessible each time you power on your device!

Facade 2.0 New Relesae - SBSH Facade 2 is powerful and optimized for mobile use like never before! Including new Home Panel with date and clock, alarms, profiles, pending counters, weather, appointments and tasks!; Custom home screen plugin integration, with multiple plugins in a single Facade panel; Integration with all major PIMs; Category colors and icons; Easy skin packaging and installation and much more!

The Home tab is Facade's default tab. The Home tab provides a single screen display and access to all of your phone's vital information. This includes: View and set date, time and upcoming alarmView and set current active profileCounters panel for unread emails, missed calls, SMS and voice mail. Direct access to any of the corresponding applicationsUpcoming schedule display, including both appointments and tasks preview!Precise battery meter indicatorCurrent weather (PocketWeather required)SBSH Facade For Windows Mobile Smartphone: Home Tab

The Schedule tab provides an overview of your upcoming appointments and tasks in one joint display, placed on your Home screen. View your upcoming agenda items starting from next day and up to 120 upcoming days!Joint display for both appointments and tasksDisplay indicator icons for all day events, notes, reminders, task priority and moreQuickly access your calendar, open specific items and create new itemsSBSH Facade For Windows Mobile Smartphone: Schedule Tab

The Tasks tab lists all your tasks divided by status and time groupings. With Facade tasks tab you can easily review your tasks from your device Home screen. Complete tasks listed in one display on your device Home screenOptionally include undated tasks, overdue tasks, completed tasks and moreDisplay indicator icons for task priority, notes, reminders and moreQuickly create new tasks, access existing tasksSBSH Facade For Windows Mobile Smartphone: Tasks Tab

The Calendar tab provides quick access to a monthly calendar display when looking for specific dates. Using your device navigation d-pad you can easily navigate between different months and years. SBSH Facade For Windows Mobile Smartphone: Calendar Tab
Using the Programs tab you can create shortcuts to your favorite applications accessible from your device Home screen. Shortcuts can be customized to your favorite applications, or you can use one of Facade's pre-defined smart shortcut buttons, counters and meters! Create shortcuts to your favorite applications from your Home screenCreate shortcuts to any of the define configuration screensAdd smart shortcuts that display the date, time, upcoming alarms status and moreAdd device meters for battery, memory, internal storage and more!Add most recent program (MRU) shortcuts that dynamically changes to the most recently used applicationSBSH Facade For Windows Mobile Smartphone: Programs Tab

Facade includes special integration with several additional applications. When used together, Facade will take advantage of those applications to enrich your device front-end experience with exciting new features. In addition to the special integration, Facade can also host any other Home screen plugin (not only SBSH's) within Facade tabs, even without special integration! When used along with PocketWeather, weather forecast is added across the Facade displays: Current weather included as part of the Home tab, weather icons and temperature values added to schedule tab and full weather forecast tab is automatically added within Facade!Special integration with all major PIM apps: SBSH Calendar, Pocket Outlook, Pocket Informant, Agenda One and AgendusAdd any home screen plugin within Facade tabs! Furthermore, include several home screen plugins within a single tab!SBSH Facade For Windows Mobile Smartphone: PocketWeather Integration

Facade display is entirely customizable. Although shipped with several easy to use layouts that can be used out-of-the-box, users can download many layouts from the Facade resources forum. With the new Facade version, installing new layouts is as simple as downloading a single file on your device and Facade will automatically install the desired layout. SBSH Facade For Windows Mobile Smartphone: Customization

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